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Kay, formal apology to anyone who wanted one, terribly sorry. But I'm lacking any and all inspiration for fanfiction so it's not going to happen...


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Weird shit I find enjoyable.
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My all time favorite character ever:

2p!America... like... damn...

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Damn... I wish there was more stuff for Al...


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"How sad it would be, should laughter disappear."


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Is it too obvious that I like Russia? I think it just might be...

And... random stamps I also enjoy... ^^"

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Hi, I’m back, and still kind of (mostly) weeb trash. I needed to write something, I know this is garbage, but I figured someone might enjoy my old trash.


    On his way home from work one day Al saw a car swerving around on the road, and turned on the siren in his police cruiser to pull them over. The car slowly pulled off to the shoulder of the road, and he sauntered out with a sigh. This late at night he couldn’t intimidatingly pull off his sunglasses, so he just had to exude an air of confidence and let his attitude do the talking.

    Shining his light inside the car, a little blonde chick shaded her eyes from the harsh light. “Ma’am, have you been drinking?”

    “I haven’t had a sip, mister god, I swear to officer, never touched a drop, no sir…” she went on, hiccuping.


    At about three in the morning your phone rang, alerting you of your roommate, and friend, drunk off her ass in jail. So you hauled your ass out of bed, pulled on some boots over your fuzzy socks, and started driving out to the police station.

    Therefore, you ended up being leered at by a huge buff man in only your yoga pants and small coat. “Hey, there hot stuff. Can I help you?”

    With a deep sigh you glared back at him. “I’m here to pick up Alice Kirkland? For a DUI?”

    “Oh, the blonde chick. Sure, sure.” he turned to his buddy cop and told him to go get her before turning back to look you over with piercing red eyes. “I may let her off the hook in exchange for your number.”

    “She deserves it this time.” you sighed, frowning at the proposition. You’d made her promise not to do this. She was going to kill herself one of these days. “But fine.” you grumbled, pulling out a sheet of paper and scrabbling her number on it.

    He lit up a little, not expecting to catch someone like you. “Want to throw a dinner in there?”

    “Don’t press you’re luck.” You made him laugh, a big hearty sound.

    Before long you had Alice asleep in your car, all charges dropped, and a giant red eyed cop who probably just wanted to fuck you raw and leave. An interesting day to say the least.

    He didn’t wait the full three days like it was said in some unspoken guy rule book. He didn’t even wait three whole hours to text you. Al asked you out as he left for work in the morning, proposing a dinner date for the two of you tomorrow night. “And wear something nice. Pick you up at seven?”

    “Fine, one date, for Alice. Okay?”



    So you put on a nice blouse and some black work pants, waiting for him to pick you up. He knocked about five minutes after seven (late even after turning on his siren to clear through traffic) The moment you opened the door he looked you up and down like a slab of meat.

    With a deep sigh you decided to get this over with, walking past him and over to his car, secretly a little flattered. “You look amazing.” he called after, staring at your ass as he followed and held the door for you.

    “Yeah, yeah, let’s just get this over with.” you grumbled, pushing (h/c) locks out of your eyes as you crossed your arms in his car.

    He chuckled softly, intent on winning you over with some liquor and some fun. “C’mon doll. It’ll be fun.” Al had pulled a bunch of favors from Luciano (who he helped avoid some charges when he squeaked for the mob), and gotten a perfect little italian place all ready for them.

   You were pampered and chatted up about all your hobbies and the story of your life, him intently listening and actually rather fascinated with you. Later you were escorted with a bottle of champaign to the roof of your apartment while he talked about stars.

    “Do you know any constellations?” you asked, actually really impressed by the man who had seemed so abrasive at first and revealed a much deeper, very intelligent side that reveled in the finer things.

    He nodded and grinned putting an arm around you on the cold roof and pointing to his favorites while you slowly got cozier in his chest. “That one there is Ursa Major, and then that one is Ursa Minor. The story is that they were bears that Zeus threw up into the sky to protect them from Hera. The big one is the mother, and then the little one is her son with Zeus.” he said calmly, rubbing your arm to keep you warm.

    Not wanting the night to end, you asked him in a soft mumble for another little glass, and only got a chuckle as a response. “We drank it all.”

    You giggled softly, looking back up at him. (E/c) met red, and it was only another moment before he was kissing you gently. With the light buzz clouding your mind, you nuzzled into him, only breaking back to yawn. He chuckled again, lifting you up and starting to carry you back down stairs. There was another small kiss before he deposited you on the couch, pulled a blanket over you, and let himself out so you could sleep.


    The next morning you woke up with a little bit of a headache, and a text from last night at midnight, “Sleep well, doll. Text me tomorrow ;)

    With a grin you hugged your phone a moment before complying.
Cop!2p!America x Reader - DUI
hello. I wanted to write something since I'm out of practice, so have some weeb trash


This account is mostly inactive now. I'm leaving it here in case anyone still wants to read my stories. If you want to find me, I don't write too much at the moment, but I'm on tumblr at weapons-of-clairvoyance

Try and stop me, self proclaimed normal people!


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Real Life Friends: (Yes, I actually have a life off of the computer...)
:iconjigsaw42: Mah crazy friend and partner in crime. She writes some dark reader inserts too, check her out =D.

:iconmoriartyssniper: My writing club friend... Just an awesomely weird person.... She writes reader inserts too. Can you tell I've recruited my friends?

:iconshadehedgie77: My anime fangirl-bro-thingy-mobober-majig. Yeah... I can't quite describe this relationship... We've been friends forever and a half... But she's an amazing artist, and deserves some love. =D Check her out...

:iconbigchieflittleturtle: This crazy fucker is great. I cannot even... She's a writer like me, but she writes poetry (mostly on here. I think. Whatever.). If you talk to her, she's crazy and awesome. But if she starts yelling about the man in the trash can and how you aren't wearing your banana sticker, RUN.

:iconbluebunny7: I haven't known her for very long, and she once chased me persistently around a classroom trying to hug me, but she's quite cool. ^^ A fun person to talk to overall.

:iconnekonekogirl997: This chick is one of the craziest people I know, and I love it. ^^ She's also a great artist, and overall person. So go check out her page and absorb the awesomeness that exceeds Prussia's.

I'd go into more of my internet friends, but I'd have to find you all. And those aren't my only friends! Don't pity me, the rest just don't have accounts...

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:iconbigchieflittleturtle: :iconbluebunny7: :iconsylphwriter24: :iconshadehedgie77: :iconhayley0608: :iconmoriartyssniper: :iconsydbak: :iconfiirestorm: :icondeviousraptor: :iconkiypiborn: :iconangelsandvodka: :iconivorymoonn: :iconlilium35: :iconportaxx: :iconrcuvyo: :iconjigsaw42: :iconhappyhorseshoe303:


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