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January 7, 2013
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You sat quietly in your treehouse, enjoying the cold. Little hands were bundled up tightly in your warm brown gloves. Tiny feet were protected from the cold by your matching winter boots. But your favorite garment was your hat. Contrasting greatly between your dull gray jacket, bland boots, and boring gloves, the hat was in your eyes, spectacular. It was a knit purple hat, and it had a large white pompom on the top. The hat fit you perfectly, and you loved it.

It had needed a kind and loving home. You had found the lying alone out in the snow, looking lonely. Now it rested happily on your head, its pompom casting an odd little shadow on the floor as you sat at the window.

Suddenly you heard a voice. "Hey!" For some reason it inspired fear in you immediately. You stayed right where you were, hoping she wasn't talking to you.

Then it came again, "Get down here and speak with me, otrodʹye!"

Trembling you made your way down the ladder to meet her. You didn't like it when people yelled. You didn't even like strangers. They made you feel afraid. They could be anyone! They could want to hurt you, or take your things! You stood before the lady, who was wrapped up in a beautiful fur coat. You could feel tears prick in the corner of your eyes as you looked at her, looking back at you with hatred and malice.

"That there. That is my hat." she said, seething.

Your lip trembled, and you burst into tears. "I-I'm sorry." you said through your watery gaze. "I-I found it and-and it was so pretty-and-and-" you choked up, not wanting her to be mad at you.


The child thought her hat was pretty? That was why she wore it? Natalya felt a little bad for yelling, she had assumed the little girl had stolen it. She felt even worse when the kid had started bawling, her (e/c) eyes becoming teary and her whole small frame trembling. Unsure of what to do, Natalya asked her, "Where did you find it?"

"I-It-It was in the snow over there, and-and I jus-just thought no one wanted it-" she broke off, crying more.

Natalya said, still harshly, "There's no need to cry, rebenok. I thought you stole it."

"What!" she said, becoming wide eyed. "I'd-I'd never- here!" she took the hat off of her head, releasing her (h/l) (h/c) locks to the cold air. She attempted to wipe her (e/c) eyes of tears, but they continued to stream.

Taking the hat back from the small child, Natalya looked down on the still tearful little girl. She knelt down before the child, "What's your name?"

"_-_____." she said in between sobs.

Natalya pulled her old childhood hat down over _____'s cold ears. Her now softened indigo eyes stared into the small child's (e/c) ones. "Keep it, _____." she said softly, then turned to walk away.


You stared back at her, amazed. At first she had seemed so mean and scary, but she was really as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. Her harsh attitude was not aimed at you, and you were grateful for it. You said softly, "Thank you." but you didn't think it was loud enough for her to hear.


As Natalya walked away from the small clearing she heard _____ say, "Thank you." Her face was graced with a small smile that lit up her normally downcast features.

She whispered quietly, "Thank you too, little rebenok."
Hm... That was fun... I used a generator to cure some writer's block a while back, and then finished this today. Weird story is weird... I dunno, blame maternal instincts, not me.
Rebenok means child, and otrodʹye means brat. But you can kind of tell that from context...


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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Omg so cute when I finished my friend pushed sunflowers in my face so I asked her if she was fem Russia.
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Actually, there is no words in the world to describe how adorable this is.
Great job!
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Yes. The world definitely needs more of this!
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i only belong to porygon  Porygon  and porygon alone. good story tho. ok Jordan Emoticon 
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I don't belong to mother Russia I belong to Auntie Belarus
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Never I will never belong to Russia Never!
Nice Story by the way ~
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If thats the case then....Papa Russia~?
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