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January 18, 2013
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You walked out of the world meeting, feeling chills. It was Russia again, and you didn't know why he could make you feel this way. You positively hated it, and in turn had started to hate him. Snowflakes had started to drift down from the sky. All you had on you were some papers tucked in your coat for the meeting, and the only person that had offered to share a cab with you was France. In short, you had no money and no means, and were stuck walking to the airport to get back home.

Jack Frost nipped at your nose and you wrapped your coat around you tighter. Then you got a peculiar sense someone was following you. You started to walk faster, but it wouldn't go away. Cautiously looking back and walking quickly, you had no way of seeing the small layer of ice under the thick, yet fluffy layer of snow on the road. Slipping you ended up on your bum, wondering how you could be so stupid.

So, now you were freezing, covered in snow, and pissed. All you wanted was to get out of this storm, which had slowly been escalating to a blizzard since you had stepped outside. Then you saw it, your beacon of hope, a shining ray of sunshine in this freezing hell, an abandoned warehouse. You made your way towards it quickly, but kept an eye out for ice. Unfortunately, the snow wasn't sticking anywhere in this wind, so you once again found yourself slipping on a patch of ice right in front of the warehouse.

But this time, you didn't hit the ground. Looking up, surprised, you met a pair of violet eyes that made you shudder. Was it fear? Loathing? Or something else entirely?

"You should be more careful, _____, da?" Russia said, a small smile ever present on his face.

You nodded, gulping.

"Are you going inside? It is probably best to wait out this storm." he said. When you didn't answer for a moment he said, "Da?"

Snapped out of your trance you realized your were still in his arms, and stood yourself back up quickly. "Yeah, my flight's probably going to be delayed anyway." you said, stepping towards the door. But for the third time that day you slipped. Curse your old boots that had no more tread. Instinctively you reached out and caught Russia's arm to attempt to steady yourself.

Let's just say that didn't work too well. Russia's footing was already faulty, in mid step, and you ended up pulling him off his feet, and landing in a rather... precarious position.

You fell back into the fluffy snow, and he sort of came with you. Russia hadn't, of course, fallen on you full force, he had stuck his hands out. But now there was a hand on either side of your head, and one of his legs on either side of your body. You weren't quite sure how to feel, but there was surprise in those purple eyes. When you found your voice you said quickly, "Russia, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"


Russia looked down on the girl after he fell. How would she react? Would she run in fear? Would she scream? It wasn't his fault, and he was taken aback at being in such a compromising position. She just stared at him for a moment, a look on her face that he had never seen before. Then _____ blinked, her eyes filling with surprise. She said hurriedly, "Russia, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

She was worried about... him? There it was again. That feeling she gave him, creeping up inside of him. He kind of liked it. Russia enjoyed the way she made him feel. It was out of his seemingly eternal control, and completely unnatural. He nodded, getting off of her. "Da. Are you alright?"

_____ looked just about surprised as he was about the mutual concern. "Yeah. Let's get out of the storm. I'm cold." she said, standing and extending a hand towards him. Eyes wide and meeting her (e/c) ones, he grasped the small hand and allowed her to help him. Russia was now more worried. _____'s hand was freezing, and she didn't have any gloves. He wanted to get her out of the cold too. She led him to the door and tried the doorknob. "Dammit." she hissed, feeling no give.

Russia smirked, "Stand back, da?"

Her eyes widened and she moved away. Russia kicked the door, lightly in his opinion, enough to get it open, but left it intact to shut out the cold. Yet _____ was still amazed at the display of strength. Russia turned to her. Would she run now? She just said, "Wow." and entered the warehouse quickly. Other than some dusty old machinery there was little in the warehouse except a long rectangular crate. She made her way over to it, and looked at him expectantly. So Russia went over and sat beside her, his large stature proving inconvenient as  he was forced to sit quite close to her.


You attempted to tame your palpitating heart as he sat beside you but couldn't seem to manage. His presence was intimidating, but what your were feeling wasn't fear. And you still couldn't place it.

Broken out of your thoughts a drop of water fell from your hair to your hand. Reaching up a hand you realized the snow was melting slowly, soaking you to the bone. You could practically ring your hair out, and when you did it still dripped down your neck, making you shiver. Russia must have seen you shiver and put an arm around your shoulders. You looked at him and he asked, "You are cold, da?" Nodding you looked back down and rather than shying away you felt yourself snuggling into his warmth, relishing the sensation. He was practically emanating heat, and you were freezing.

After a moment or two he asked, "Why aren't you afraid of me?"

"I don't know. I don't suppose I need to be, do I?" you asked, looking up at him with wide, sincere, (e/c) eyes.

"Nyet. People are though." he said, frowning and looking away.

You nodded, "Well look at all that has happened today. I knocked you over, got you stuck in a blizzard, and now I'm getting your coat wet. If you had wanted to kill me, you would have already, right?"

"Da," he said surprised that you had picked up on all that, "I suppose."

That feeling crept up inside you once more, but what was it? It surely wasn't hate you realized now. Then it hit you like a ton of bricks. That creeping feeling, coupled with the urge to... jump him... You realized that you loved Russia, and had only been trying to distance yourself from the new sensations. "Russia?" you asked quietly.

He looked down at you and you stared up into those gorgeous violet eyes, almost getting lost in their depth, "Da?"

"What would you do if I told you I love you?"

Russia's eyes widened immensely, dragging a small blush to your cheeks. "You... love me?" You nodded, not wanting to break the gaze.

All of a sudden his lips were upon yours, in a sweet but passionate kiss. You melted into it, and feeling his slight hesitation wrapped your arms around his neck. When he finally broke apart, giving the both of you some much needed oxygen, he kept his forehead pressed upon your own. "Ya lyublyu tebya." he whispered quietly.

A grin spread across your face, and he matched it with a small genuine smile that was full of warmth and compassion you had never seen in his eyes before. You broke apart, but laced your hands together and leaned into his chest. "Hey, Russia?"

"You can call me Ivan, podsolnechnik." he said.

"Okay, Ivan," you smiled, swinging your feet off the crate, "I'm not cold anymore."
Russia x Reader Request for :icongoldenrainfalling:
Finally getting around to finishing my requests ^^;. I haven't forgotten any of you, I swear!

If you see any mistakes, please tell me. I didn't look this over too carefully...


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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