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You nodded into his chest. Everything was going to be alright.


When you awoke, it was in Germany’s arms. Under any other circumstances it would have brought a smile, and probably a blush, to your face, but you were waking for a different reason. You tore out of his arms with surprising force and made your way to the adjoining bathroom as quickly as you could manage. You tried as hard as you could to retch quietly, and when you saw the blood blooming in the water you thought you ought to wake him. Weakly you made your way to the doorway when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. Germany was still sound asleep. Taking care of you must have really tired him. Something possessed you to get to it and found your boss, drunk off his ass.

“Hey,” he slurred, “you weren’t at your home.”

You stared at him in disbelief. You knew what was behind this cloud of alcohol. Before you stood a cold and calculating man, concerned only with power and wealth. “Sir,” you said quietly, “I’m sick. Germany is going to help me.”

“We-” he hiccuped in his statement, “-don’t need his help. You know what I say? If you can’t pull yourself out of a sickness on your own, then it’s simply natural selection telling you, you deserve to die.” There was that skewed logic that always put a lump in your throat.

A voice rang out behind you, “You have no business here.”

You almost turned to see Germany, but didn’t trust your feet to keep you upright, so just clung to the doorframe instead. Your boss looked up, “Ah! Germany! Is your boss around?”

“You can speck directly to me. I am in control now. And I have annexed _____. Your services are no longer needed.” Germany said in his in the most menacing tone you had ever heard.

The corrupt official looked at you, “Why would you want her? She looks like shit. You know what? I don’t give a fuck. Keep her. Not worth my trouble anymore...” he muttered, stumbling off into the the snow.

And then your spirit was broken. Your boss was a brilliant man, however misguided his logic might have made him. Tears started to flow from your eyes, and you knew you wouldn’t be but a hindrance to the axis now. Germany led you to a couch, shutting the door. But you were chilled to the bone after your little conversation with your boss.

He looked at you, and saw the tears as you curled up in a fetal position on the couch. “Are you in pain?”

You nodded, closing your eyes. “He might have been corrupt, but he got things done. He was the best boss I’d ever had. It’s taking it’s toll.” You had lost the will to fight, and gave into the blackness.


Germany could practically see the will to live leeching out of you. When you stopped shivering so much he became worried. He took your freezing hand in his own, feeling it limp and-and lifeless.

Fear overtook him, and he couldn’t control his words. “_____! Don’t you dare give up on me! Come on, he doesn’t know a thing! Look vhat happened to you, to your people, under his care! You need to hold on!” What was this feeling? Sure, there was fear, but there was something causing such horror in his heart.

His eyes widened as realization hit him like like a ton of bricks. “Listen to me, _____! I-Ich liebe dich!” Germany called out to you, crashing his lips upon your own. Your hand still in his, he could feel your pulse stop. Standing up, tears stinging in his eyes, fury in his heart, he roared, “Verdammt!” He hit a wall with his clenched fist, near knocking it down and shaking the house. Why? Why did you have to die when he finally understood? It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t fair at all!

Then he heard a little cough. Germany rushed to your side, “_____.” Tears still stained your cheeks, but you sat up a little opening your eyes.

“Germany,” you said, something gleaming in your (e/c) eyes that he couldn’t place, “I love you too.” That was it. There was love in your eyes. Love, and determination shone in those bright (e/c) orbs. He took you up in his arms, as if he could shelter you from the world with his mere body.

Germany whispered, his breath tickling your ear, “Don’t scare me like that, liebe.”

You simply nodded, letting the strong arms encase you. He held your small frame like your were made of glass, waiting for the image to shatter in his grasp at any moment.


The next day he immediately started to help your country. He sent in a bunch of German soldiers and officials to help sort out the corruption in your government, and the flock of people had stimulated businesses everywhere. You were feeling so much better, and your sickness had receded to a bad cough. Of course you were still weak, and would be for quite some time. But Germany was using every resource he had available to help you. It was really doing wonders.

You were back upright, walking around and smiling. Germany didn’t know why it took something so drastic to prove to himself that he loved you, but he was just happy you were alright. But he was overworking himself. He stayed up late one night, hunched over his desk in the dim lamplight.

Every so often, you would pass by and chastise him lightly. You knew he was just trying to help, but didn’t want him to overwork himself. Early on you told him, “Why don’t you let some real light in here? You’ll hurt your eyes.” When he barely responded you took the liberty of going over to a window and opening the shades.

You came back later shutting the curtains and looking at the soft glow of the lamp. “You should stop.” you told him lightly, and he only grunted. “At least straighten up, you’ll get a crick in your back.” Germany took a moment and adjusted his posture, seeing himself as slipping, but when you came back in he had reverted to his previous state.

“Have you eaten anything?” you asked. He was still working furiously.

He just shook his head, “Not hungry.” You frowned, but left him alone. For a bit. You considered bringing in a better lamp, but decided against it. Still, you hated seeing him working when you couldn’t do a thing.

In fact, as the hours passed, it started to piss you off. Germany shouldn’t be working this hard, it wasn’t fair. He didn’t need to; he chose to. And you were sick of it. Padding around in some pajamas you leaned against the doorframe. “You should sleep, it’s getting late.”

“Not tired.” he said, brushing you off once more.

You decided to see what was in the kitchen. After finding some fresh bread that some mysterious baker had left, and spreading it with some smushed liver wurst you went back into the room. Holding the plate in the doorway you asked him, “What is it exactly you’ve been working on all day?”

“I’m trying to find the fastest vay to get you back to normal.” he said.

You took slow steps forward, “That’s kind of stupid.”

“Vhat?" he asked, barely paying attention.

Making your way over to him you said, “You’re wasting time you could spend getting yourself in a fit state to do things the old fashion way, on trying find ways to be faster. This will take time, I know that, and you’ll just get sick yourself.” You slammed the book he was reading shut, which immediately sent a cold icy blue stare your way, but you just presented him with the open faced sandwich, “I’m flattered, but I’m not the only one you have to look after. Italy always needs your help, and you can’t in this condition. So eat, and then sleep.” Germany looked like he wanted to refute you, but also like he would drool at the sight of the food. You left it atop his book and wandered back to the kitchen. Grabbing a cold beer out of the fridge you reentered, and passed it to him as he ate hungrily.

He practically chugged the thing, and the slight alteration of judgement allowed you to get him upstairs and into the bed. You turned to go clean some things up, knowing what a neat freak he could be, but he caught your arm. “Vhere do you zhink you’re going, liebe?”

“To clean?” you said, surprised at his touch.

He shook his head, pulling you back into his arms, “I’m not letting you out of my sight anymore.” You simply submitted and started to slip off to sleep in his grasp. He kissed the top of your head whispering, “You know I just vant to help you, but danke, schatz.”

You looked up at him, a grin across your features, “No problem, and thank you.” You emphasized this by tapping him lightly on the nose, his expression making you giggle. Attempting to use his language you said, “Ich-ich liebe dich.”

Your broken German lit up his face and he kissed you lightly, “Ich liebe dich auch.”
Finally, right? Uh, I feel bad; this was sitting open on my laptop forever unattended.... But it's here now, with considerably less drama than my first attempt. I had forgotten about one conflict, and added another. So it was weird, and I fixed it. I think. I'm rambling. But hey, you probably don't read this thing anyway. If you do read this thing, and have found a grammar/spelling mistake, please point it out before I notice it and die of grammar nazi aggravation. Which is a thing. In my mind. :iconflailingplz: So out of it. I actually did my homework today, on time, with effort, and no prompting. I think I'm ill. But yeah. Here's to hoping that same resolution applies to my requests...

Part 1: link

The last time I wrote 'here's to hoping that' I was writing on a friends birthday card 'Here's to hoping that the magic isn't gone.' Don't quite know why I'm writing this here... But I think the magic left anyway.


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da? No, right now you all belong to 2p!England, because Oliver deserves some fun. :icon2penglandjoyplz:
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