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February 9, 2013
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“Why?!” England sank to his knees, once again reliving the moment when America left him. Everyone left him. Every last one.

The rain dripped down his face, but he couldn’t feel it in the dream. He just stared up at the heavens and watch the dream rain mingle with dream tears on his skin.


Your voice rang out, strong and beautiful.

Love, wake up.

He clenched his eyes shut, knowing all that awaited him was more pain. But England cracked open up one eye anyway, finding your shining (e/c) eyes staring down at him. “Honey, are you alright? You were almost yelling in your sleep.”

England moved and hugged you quickly, taking in your scent and feel. You hugged him back in surprise, rubbing his back soothingly. Tears ran down his cheeks, and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. The (h/c) locks tickled his nose, and he relished the feeling for as long as he could.

I’m sorry.

Your voice rang in his ears once more, and your image started to fade. It all felt so real. He was losing you again.

“NO!” he cried out, grasping your hand just to have it wrenched away a second later. Losing you again and again, night after night.

With a palpitating heart and clammy palms he shot up in bed. England’s hand instinctively reached out to grasp you, to prove that you were there. But real tears began to flow as he started to remember.

You had left him as well.
Why do I write depressing things? I'm not depressed anymore...

You can either interpret this as a Dead!Reader, or just that reader-chan left him for independence, or for another person. Whatever, it was just a weird stroke of inspiration I managed to get on paper before it flew a way. Like a mustache. Like a mustache. (in my mind, Morgan Freeman is narrating this) Pfft, anywhoozles. I might post something that could be interpreted as a prologue to this I've been working on. Thoughts?


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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Amazing story made me cry.
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England i would never leave you alone. Lonliness is a cruel fate. Im sorry..~ ;u; i feel yo pain of lonliness Iggy
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since i would never leave Iggy.....i chose dead.....but then again....nope....i'm dead!
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I love Iggy-kun so I have decided that I died. I wouldn't leave him on purpose. At least I hope I wouldn't.
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same here
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