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February 9, 2013
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Please forgive me for talking about American Chinese cuisine, and not anything authentic. I’m from America, horribly cultured, and ashamed of it. And the requester had something fun planned for all of you out there with rangoons which are an American Chinese food thing. Just assume his family has been in America for a while. And you’re there too. Omigosh, I’m sorry... Or maybe that... fruk it, don’t like, don’t read. I’m American, I should have more culture, I know that. But I’m too broke to go anywhere. So unless someone wants to send me money through the internet to help me escape the country, you’ll have to deal with my ignorance of the world. At least I admit it...</i>


“Come on, _____! I know you’ll love it!” your friend Yao tried to get you to go to his family’s restaurant.

You shook your head, “You can’t know that. I’ll get there, and I’ll feel obligated to eat everything just because you’ll be staring at me with those puppy dog eyes.” You hated trying new things. Sure you might like them, but you also might hate them and what was the point when you were perfectly happy not knowing.

“These?” he asked, pulling out the big guns. You stared into those deep pools of amber, completely lost in them.

Sighing deeply you conceded, “Fine. But if I don’t like it, I’m not eating it.”

“That’s okay, I know you’ll love all of it!” he said with a grin. You sighed, wondering how you could stand to hurt his feelings. Deciding you couldn’t you just went off on your way home.


Hours later you arrived at the restaurant, but were surprised to find it was closed. You stuck your head in anyway, calling out, “Yao? Hello?”

“Ni hao!” he said, sticking his head out from the kitchen doors. “Take a seat, I’ll be out in a minute with food, aru.” Nodding, you smirked at his cute accent and moved to take a seat.

You walked in, looking at the dimly lit restaurant. It was beautiful, you had to admit. There traditional statues on the tables and some scrolls on the walls that were absolutely breathtaking. After sitting down at a booth you decided that even if you couldn’t eat anything that you could at least fill up the time asking about the cool decor.

But before you could really take any time to really appreciate it, Yao emerged with platters of food. You looked at all of the stuff in surprise. It wasn’t what you were used to at all. The food all looked extremely foreign to you, and you eyed it with caution. “Don’t make that face, aru.” he said, pouting at you slightly, which brought a small smile to your face. “Come on, try something.” he said, gesturing to the plates piled high with food.

You frowned, looking at it all. “What is all this?” you asked.

“Ancient Chinese secret.” he said jokingly. Looking back to the food you were extremely unsure. Yao sat down beside you and started to nibble on things, “See, it’s not poisonous.”

You laughed and looked at the alien food, still hazy on all this. Yao was getting frustrated with you. He took a small rangoon in his mouth, and turned you to face him.

Yao crashed his lips onto your own, and you melted into the kiss. What really surprised you was when the food was forced into your mouth. Your eyes widened at the new flavor touching your tongue. He broke away, and watched with a smirk as you continued to chew and swallow the food. “Believe me now?” he asked, hugging you around the waist and bringing you closer to him.

You nodded, and rested your head on his chest. “Fine. You were right. But I’m only going to try new things with you.”

A blush crept up on his cheeks and he leaned down to kiss you once more.
Request for :iconundergroundheaven: Omigosh, I wrote this so quickly. Listening to Dropkick Murphy’s makes me type so fast!!!! Hardest mile ftw!!! Pfft. I don’t know what this is. Don’t you chidlers know sharing food is unsanitary?


:iconsexychina2plz::iconsaysplz: Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

:iconcutierussiaplz::iconsaysplz:You belong to Mother Russia, da?

:icon2pengland::iconsaysplz:No, these ones belong to me! Right Kurai?

:iconone-with-russiaplz::iconsaysplz:No, they belong to me, da Kurai?

:icon666kurai::iconsaysplz: NO. They all belong to me. There, you happy, you two? Ah... well, we'll just let them pick who they belong to. But it's either me, Russia, or Oliver. You no longer belong to yourself. That's for sure...
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TheNutellasaur Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
Pulling the American excuse as to not being cultured is just as offensive as you said you might be to Chinese culture. If you dislike America so greatly drive to Canada or Mexico.
tiera123 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
awwwww soooooo cute!
fizzy-soda-pop Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmmhh... I'm Chinese and I don't mind. If you ever need help on any Asian or other countries I'm here to help. :)
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I am owned by the one and only........NORWAY, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS LUKAS BONDEVIK!
Now, that was crudely off topic. May I please say that this was AMAZING!?!?!? *fan girls so much I fall off my bed onto the concrete floor*
VargasLovesPasta Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, gurl puhlease I already am owned by all the 1p's and 2p's *girlishly waves my hands around* XD Anyway, I love this
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XD awesome story~ LOOOOOVVVVEEEDDDDD IT~ i shall favorite dis!
Kamimoon Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
*Hides behind China* OLIVER I WILL TELL ASH!! (Ash= My best friend. Is really about as scary as Oliver.) China save me, please....
666kurai Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Lol, alright man.
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