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You are cordially invited to

the seventy-fifth annual

Beilschmidt Ball

You stared at the fancy invitation in your hand, making Ludwig, the one so kind enough to deliver it personally to you and only you, almost anxious enough to dance back and forth, from foot to foot in anticipation. He prompted after your long, deafening silence, “So? Vill you come?” Almost as soon as he said it, he wanted to continue to babble on, to tell you you didn’t need to come, he didn’t care if you were there, but his voice was caught in his throat just looking at you.

Ludwig Beilschmidt had the biggest crush on you, and he couldn’t manage to express his feelings whatsoever. He was practically terrified that someone would steal you away before he ever got a chance to speak his mind, but would never have been the man to take away your happiness in trying to fulfill his.

And you were oblivious. There was no way this gorgeous, ripped, sexy, not to mention wealthy and sophisticated man would be into you, right? He was far out of your reach, and you were quite happy being friends. Not that you didn’t think about being more, who wouldn’t? You weren’t too keen on revealing that you had no idea how to dance, or that you had no fancy dresses, or anything fancy at all, really. But you kept your pride in saying, “I really wish I could...”

“But?” he asked, a tad too eagerly.

Deciding to only reveal the first of your problems you told him, “I can’t dance to save my life.” A goofy grin spread across your face to attempt to get him to smile back. “I’d only make a fool of myself.”

“Vell... I could teach you.” he said, rather brightly, when taking into consideration his usually somber mood. In fact he always brightened up around you. To him, you were like no other...

Your (e/c) eyes widened in surprise, and Ludwig couldn’t help but to admire the late afternoon sun setting off in the distance that filled them with a warm glow. As thoughts filled your mind of Ludwig and you spinning around alone in a ballroom, his hair falling out of place, his little smile at your faults, a little blush crossed your cheeks and you said with a smile, “That sounds great.” Then you remembered, “I still don’t have anything to wear.”

Ludwig smiled back at you, “If zhat’s all, I’m sure ve can vork somezhing out.” He really wanted you at this affair. These balls were usually dreadfully boring without someone to chat with. And he was sure you would be a wonderful dancer if you put in the effort.

“Then I’d love to come.” you told him, holding the invitation to your chest as you turned to leave. “But I really have to be headed home. See you soon!”

He watched you run off for a moment, then recalled something else. “Vait! _____!”

Turning back you looked at him curiously. He went on shouting after you, “Vould you like to come over to my house tomorrow for a dance lesson?”

“Sure!” you yelled back, always exuberant to make plans with the lovely German.

The next day you stood  shifting from foot to foot awkwardly at the foot of the massive Beilschmidt mansion, unsure of what exactly to do. Until of course you were bombarded with the happiest, most hyper Italian the world had ever seen. “_____!” Feliciano bounded out of the house to see you, catching you in a strong hug that near knocked you off your feet.

“Hi, Feli!” you said with a grin, lightly hugging him back.

“Ah!” he said with a wide smile, kissing both your cheeks and bringing a blush to each, “It’s-a wonderful to see you, bella!”

Feliciano released you and took a step back, both of you entirely unaware of the German glowering at his back. “It’s great to see you too!” you exclaimed, smiling at him brightly. It really was a surprise; you had no idea he was back from his trip to Italy.

Ludwig hated the animosity he was feeling towards your mutual friend at the moment, but couldn’t seem to help it. Of course he didn’t hear Feli say, “So, you-a got him to give you dance lessons?” while he raised his eyebrows scandalously. He might have winked, if his eyes weren’t inexplicably, perpetually closed.

“Yeah,” you said, “hopefully I don’t step on his feet too hard.” Both of you laughed, and Feli bade his farewells to you two little lovebirds, sincerely happy for you.

Ludwig turned to you, now elated to have you to himself. You smiled back at him, and asked politely, “Where should we go?”

“Come with me.” he said, leading you into his large home. Once he got to a large set of two doors he stopped, turning back to you and giving a little mock bow. Extending his hand out to you he asked, “May I have zhis dance?”

Giggling softly you took his hand with a little false curtsy, “Of course, kind sir.”

He smiled at you warmly and pushed open the double doors to reveal a gigantic ball room. The walls were ornate and had intricate designs, with little beams of light dashed over them from the large chandelier hanging down from the ceiling and catching the light. After leading you to the center of the room he asked, “Shall ve begin?”

“Of course.” you said, smiling back.

Ludwig delicately took your left hand and placed it on his shoulder. Then he took your right hand in his, and set his other hand on your shoulder blade. It was all very gentlemanly, nothing like the vulgar activities now seen at most dances, and you didn’t think there could have been a more chivalrous person alive at that particular moment.

He taught you the box step very slowly, giving you very calm directions until you got it right. Ludwig made sure you understood each step completely before moving on to try it a bit faster. When he thought you had gotten the hang of the basics, Ludwig went over and turned on the sound system. Instantaneously you were surrounded with gorgeous music.

Dancing wasn’t as hard as you had first imagined, and you never even stepped on his feet like they do in bad movies. Every second with him made you smile, and the ballroom was soon filled with swelling beautiful music as well as laughter.

Ludwig seemed to be enjoying himself, taking it upon himself to lead you and make sure he never let you go. Spinning you around and around he showed you more complicated moves. He stayed in the lead and made sure you knew what you were doing. Certainly, it was rather difficult for him to focus with you so close to him, practically up against him, laughing cutely with your shining (h/c) hair swaying with every twist and turn. Somehow, however, he managed and soon lost track of time completely, drinking in your presence.

But all too soon the sun started to set once again, prompting your mind to stray to those awaiting your arrival back at your own humble abode. “Ludwig?” you asked.

“Ja?” he almost hummed, so lost in the dancing and the music.

You smiled as he spun you around once again, “It’s getting rather late.”

He nodded, “Oh, of course.” Ludwig set you upright and released you, allowing you to take into full view how his hair had indeed fallen out of place. It was probably the sexiest thing you had ever seen. After he turned off the music, he led you out of his home again. It wasn’t all pleasantries; in such a massive place you might have actually gotten lost.

You turned back to give him a tight hug as you were about to leave. “Thank you so much for teaching me, Luddy. I had a lot of fun today.”

A warm blush crossed his cheeks at the contact and the nickname and he hugged you back. “It vas no problem, liebe.” he told you. You broke the hug and smiled up at him, pecking him quickly on the cheek before you left for good.

“I’ll see you at the ball, Luddy!” you said with a wave, giggling at how he stood there, awestruck, with a hand on his cheek. He really was too cute.

You and Ludwig arranged to meet up a couple hours or so before the ball so he could get you something nice for you to wear.

You thought he was just going to ask for your size and get one of his friends to loan him something, but in actuality he went out and got something especially tailored for you. It was a sleek black number that hung off you just right and would make even the toughest have a bloody nose.

The night of the ball you got all dressed up in a spare room in the Beilschmidt’s home. You had on the dress, some heels just low enough for you to be comfortable and dance in, and a light dusting of makeup to accentuate your features.

As you were fitting a golden chain with a single rose hanging off it around your neck, there was a light knock on your door. “Come in!” you welcomed, almost ready to go down and join the beginnings of the party.

Ludwig cracked the door open and saw you first in the vanity. In the reflection he saw you smile warmly at him, so he came in further. “How are you doing?” he asked, almost breathless at your, well, breathtaking appearance.

“I’m almost done.” you said, having trouble with the clasp of the necklace. He strode over to you and took the delicate gold in his hands, recalling that he was the one who gave you that rose necklace for your birthday many years ago. After fastening it correctly, he moved to the side and you faced him fully a smile still on your face. “Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem, liebe.” he said, smiling back at you. Ludwig then asked, “Vould you like to accompany me downstairs? It vill be awfully boring vizhout you.”

You took his arm, saying, “Oh, you’re too sweet.”

He led you downstairs and out into the middle of the dance floor. When the music started up again, you felt like you were back in the same room a few days ago, without all the people and food, twirling around alone with Ludwig. Everything else melted away, and you became lost in his gaze.

People around you stepped aside to watch the two of you dance together. The both of you were a stunning couple, and there was passion in every step. The energy you two gave off was infectious and it seemed like everyone was just in a brilliant, exhilarated mood.

After a long while of dancing, Ludwig pulled you off to the side while the other guests were busy clapping at the end of a song.

He led you out onto a balcony, the stars glimmering in the sky as you were illuminated by the crescent moon. You looked up at him, a bit confused as to why he brought you out here. “Is something wrong, Ludwig?”

“No,” he shook his head, “everything is perfect. You look stunning.” He still hadn’t let go of your hand, and squeezed it tightly in an attempt to show you he really meant it.

A little blush crossed your cheeks and you gave him a small true and genuine smile, “You look great too, Luddy.”

“_____, I-I think ich liebe dich.” he stammered, a blush on his cheeks.

But his confidence grew as you said, “I love you too, Luddy.”

And with that he kissed you, sending your mind into extreme shock.

You never thought this would happen, while you felt his soft lips caressing yours in what seemed like the most perfect, everlasting moment.

Back in the ball room you could hear Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, and over the balcony you could hear actual fireworks.

He broke away from you with a grin and you let out a quick pant. The fireworks still went on behind you, the finale to the annual ball, and you were absolutely stunned.


Go wish :iconsylphwriter24: a wonderful, happy birthday!

She really deserves it. ^^ She’s an amazing reader insert writer, and I’m sure you’d love her work. So, go say hi, wish her a happy birthday, and maybe take a peek at here stories. Honestly, I love them. ^^

Okay, pieces like this are so good for me! Even if they're kind of cheesy and fluffy. Oh well. It got me back into Tchaikovsky and classical music altogether for some reason, and since I’m reading things other than fanfiction again it allowed me to actually seem eloquent for once (I hope).


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz.

You belong to 2p!America. For no real reason whatsoever.
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