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January 12, 2013
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You and Antonio were friends. Just friends. You had to nail that down in your head before you got any stupid ideas and ended up getting hurt. So you just rang his doorbell, mentally preparing for the next few moments. The door would open, and you would be blindsided by those stunning green eyes, perfectly framed by his brown hair. Then he would turn, and you would have to resist... looking down.

But you were ready for this. You would only be friends with him. You knew the people he hung out with, completing the infamous "bad touch trio", and you knew how he probably treated girls. Of course you were different, you had gotten sidetracked by his charm (who wouldn't?) but you fought through it and decided the closest you could ever be to him was as a friend. And you made it so.

"Hola, chica!" he said cheerily, opening the door. As expected the green eyes were shining and full of light.

Instantly he brought a grin to your face. "Hey, Toni." Luckily, he waved you into the house so you could walk in front of him and avoid getting caught staring at his perfect ass. Little did you know, he did it so he could watch you. He had developed eyes for you, and wanted to know how you resisted his charm. But it was growing into more...

You snapped him out of his thoughts by turning around and taking away his view. "So, what movie did you want to watch?"

"I don't care, I just wanted to hang out." Antonio said with a shrug. "Why don't you go pick something?" he asked, gesturing to the dvds.

You nodded going to them and picking out (movie). "This okay?"

"Si. That's one of my favorites." he said with his ever present grin.

You moved to put it in the dvd player, and he got some churros out from the kitchen. Gratefully, you took one, and started to watch the movie.

Somehow Antonio had edged closer and closer to you, and you were almost snuggling into his chest on the couch. Suddenly he whispered into your ear, "Chica, I think you have a little bit of sugar on your face. His voice was low and it gave you chills, you turned to look at him, finding his face only inches from your own. Its proximity brought a blush to your face, and he continued, "I'll get it." And he smoothly swept down to give you a kiss. It was passionate and amazing, and for a moment all your thoughts on friendship were clouded and fuzzy.

You broke the kiss and said to him quietly, "T-Toni... I don't think I can do this." He tried to look into your (e/c) eyes, but you kept your gaze downcast. "I don't want to be another conquest. Another notch in your bedpost. I'd rather just be friends with you."

"Chica..." he breathed, lifting your chin so you were lost in his deep green eyes. "How can you say that? You are so much more to me than any other girl. I don't want some fling with you, I want a relationship. I want to be with you. You... You fascinate me. You're not like the other girls that swoon all over me. You're so special, can't you see that?"

You couldn't have been happier. You were positively elated. He brought his lips to yours once more, and this time you kissed back. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he snaked his around your waist, and the two of you fell backwards onto the couch, with you pinned underneath him.

And let's just say, the two of you didn't pay much attention to that movie.
Requested by: :iconhisokaishi:

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Why was this so difficult! Just-just- :iconcannotevenplz:

*ahem* no comment. (in reference to how weird/crappy/OOC this probably is. I cannot write for Spain. If you actually want to comment, feel free.)


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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It was okay! I kinda agree with you when it comes to writing fics involving Toni, unless he's just a supporting character. This fic was cute, though, and I don't think Spain was OOC. Hey, at least you tried, and you did it (successfully) ^^
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