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January 9, 2013
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Warning: I swear. A lot. More than I should. But not as much as Romano, which is where I draw the line. It's good to have boundaries, right?

School sucks. Everyone knows that, right? But there's always that one class. There's always that one class where you find yourself actually enjoying yourself and learning something interesting. For you, that class was history. History with Mr. Beilschmidt. The albino man always found some tidbit to make the class laugh. His lessons were exciting, and he wasn't as uptight and stuffy as your other teachers. He was the type to sit up on his desk, legs crossed casually, and engage the whole damn class in a deep meaningful discussion, where you'd actually learn more than you ever would from a musty old textbook. And there was no denying that he was hotter than hellfire itself.

There was only one issue. Mr. Beilschmidt's ego was bigger than the freaking moon. So you and your fellow classmates took on the responsibility of knocking him down a few pegs. You pranked the living daylights out of him. Whenever his back was turned a few of you would switch seats, or make loud peculiar noises. There were the little things, snappy comebacks and tiny pranks, but there were also the schemes that took a little more plotting. You usually took it upon yourself to organize these little ploys.

Once you and a few friends had chopped up a bunch of styrofoam and hid it in the vents. When the heater came on it started to rain down throughout the entire class like snow. The baffled look on his pale face when he saw the white flurry swimming through the room was simply priceless.

Another time a bunch of you had snuck in after he had gone home and managed to duct tape his chair, upside down, on the whiteboard. When he came in the next day he actually swore in German!

But today you thought you had outdone yourself. In a small box you had three rats purchased from the pet store. One had a little tag marked with a 1, the second had a 2, and the third had a 4. He'd have a hell of a time trying to find rat number 3, you thought to yourself with a smirk. Most of the class was in on it, to make sure none of the guys would start stomping on them they knew they'd have to deal with you for killing innocent animals. Unfortunately you had left a few of the giggling barbies out of the loop.

Slyly from your seat in the back you opened the lid and let the rodents run free.

Not long after you heard the piercing scream."RAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" To your surprise, it wasn't one of the popular girls, but little Feliciano. You guessed no one told him. Too late now!

The prissy girls squealed, clambering up on to their desks. While the guys and you were diving around with Mr. Beilschmidt trying to capture the little rats. It was utter chaos, and it was a lot of fun. Thinking quickly you emptied a tissue box to hold the captured rats, not wanting to reveal your own container. Then you went back to shuffling on the floor looking for rats. The guys were really just screwing around, not doing much at all. So, it was mostly you and Mr. Beilschmidt on rat catching duty. He was chasing one, and dove under a table trying to get it. But it slipped through his grasp. The white haired man hissed under his breath, "Scheiße."

You were on the other side under the table, and the surprised rat ran right into your hands. Smirking at the albino you brushed a lock of (h/c) hair out of your (e/c) eyes and said, "Fancy meeting you here, Mr. Beilschmidt."

He just gave you the most confused look you had ever seen. You caught the three rats quickly enough, but saw him looking at the tags. Ludwig was trying to get Feli to come down off of Mr. Beilschmidt's desk, but he was sobbing and wouldn't budge. You said rather loudly, "I thought there were four rats, but we've only got three."

There was another chorus of screams from the girls and Feliciano, and you went back to searching with the guys. But then Mr. Beilschmidt said, "Alright, everyvone, calm down. Zhere vere only ever three rats in zhe first place. Zhat trick is pretty old, you know, _____." He had a little smirk on his face, but he didn't seem as happy as usual. You wondered if you had gone too far. You smiled back as sweetly as you could manage, and he used the last few minutes to attempt to salvage the class. Alas, the attempt was futile as Feli still refused to get off the desk and Ludwig had to carry him out of the classroom, and the rest of the girls pealed out of the room as soon as the bell rang to escape the rodents they were convinced were still after them.

About to leave, while wondering how you were going to get your rats back, Mr. Beilschmidt called you back. "_____?"

"Yeah?" you said.

With a sad smile he pushed the tissue box towards you, "I believe zhese are yours."

That was just weird for him. You were used to a sketchy laugh and a cocky grin, not this sorrowful crap. "What's wrong?" you asked, thinking you really had gone too far this time.

"_____, vhy do you hate me?" he asked, not meeting your gaze. "Do you not like zhe vay I teach? Do you just not like me?"

You couldn't help it, you burst out laughing. He looked up at your (e/c) eyes with his own red ones, that baffled look once again painted across his face. "Why do you think I hate you?" you asked, still trying to stifle the giggles.

"D-Don't you? You're alvays pulling zhese pranks, and I know you're zhe ringleader. Vhy else?" he asked, his red eyes seemed hurt, and it killed you to see him like this. You wanted your happy go lucky, cocky as ever, teacher back.

"Listen," you said, suddenly serious, "we pull this stuff because we love you. Do you think Edelstein would let us get away with stuff like that? You're an awesome teacher, don't change a thing."

His face lit up. "You zhink so?" There was the crazy man you loved. Just the sight of his grin brought one of your own tugging at your lips.

You nodded, and turned to leave.

As you were preparing to shut the door behind you you heard him say, "Kesesesese. I'll have to get you back for all those pranks, _____."
Request for :iconhostgirl452: Teacher!Prussia x Student!Reader. Hope you liked it! I dunno, it seems a little specialized to me. If you want me to try again, or had something totally different in mind, just tell me. Yep. Um... As always, requests are open and free. No lemons, and I’ll probably just do reader inserts cuz I’m addicted to them.


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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OMG THIS IS PERFECT FOR MY Czech REPUBLIC OC! SHE HAS A RELATIONSHIP (Thought I <gs id="535a3242-2813-4918-af75-fe19ae02ed91" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="7efec4f0-45f4-4413-9bcf-da31c8d35592" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">dont</gs> really "Ship" her with him really) WITH PRUSSIA AND SHE LOVES PRANKING SO!
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I'm on fire! And there was no denying that he was hotter than hellfire itself... true story.
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