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January 25, 2013
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You were walking into first grade, terrified. Kindergarten was all fun and games, mostly, but this was serious. You were in a multiage class with some older kids this year. What if you couldn’t make any friends? You decided to talk immediately to the first person that caught your eye, to at least forge a half ways decent friendship by lunchtime. There was a kid with a small yellow bird you thought was cute, and you almost went over to him to see it, but he turned around and you saw his red irises. Immediately you thought Vampire! and scurried off somewhere else. There was a boy with a small sheet tied around his neck yelling about being a hero. Near him was some blonde boy with big eyebrows talking enthusiastically to his imaginary friends. And on the other side of the room there was some little girl, or maybe it was a boy, skipping around singing about pasta and boots, with some scary blonde child hollering really loud. Everything was loud, and you were starting to get overwhelmed. You didn’t want to be here. You wanted to go back home and color, or watch some cartoons. Then something caught your eye. It was one of the cutest stuffed animals you had ever seen. And the boy holding the little polar bear wasn’t being loud at all!

You shuffled over to him shyly and said quietly, “I like your bear.”

He looked up at you, violet eyes wide and innocent, “Thank you. I like your seal.” You hugged the little stuffed arctic seal to your small (f/c) dress, smiling at the compliment the two of you had received.

“Thank you. My name is _____. What’s yours?” you asked, sitting down beside him.

He turned away, and you were kind of glad. Those purple eyes were mesmerizing. “It’s Matthew.”

“Well hello, Matthew.” you said, a small smile on your face, sticking out your hand. He took it shaking it once lightly. Matthew was kind of surprised. You seemed really nice, compared to his brothers who made Matthew think everyone was just as crazy. “What’s your bear’s name?” you asked, patting the bear lightly on the head.

Matthew looked embarrassed for a moment, the checked the tag still attached to the bear’s ear. He said, “Kuma-Kumajiro.” Stumbling over the words, he moved the bear so you could see the tag.

You nodded. “That’s kinda hard to remember. Can I just call him Kuma?”

Matthew nodded, taking you back into those purple eyes, “What’s the seal’s name?”

“Sealy.” you said, blushing a little. You had named it so long ago, but you couldn’t just change her name as you pleased. “I-I’ve had her forever...” you tried to explain.

But he just smiled, “It suits her.” You grinned back.

You two spent the rest of the day hanging out, the rest of the year, really. It was a lovely friendship, and beneficial for the both of you. It helped both you and Matthew come out of your shell a little. But even as you were introduced to his brother Alfred, and had experienced many times with his friends, you stayed true to your Canadian friend. Now fresh out of high school you both ended up going to the same college, (dream school). You two had decided to get an apartment together to avoid the expensive dorms.

You came up behind Matthew in the library, slinging an arm around his shoulder. “Hey, Mattie.” you said, grinning. He was sitting, otherwise you would have never been able to reach around his tall frame.

“_-_____,” he said, violet eyes you so adored looking into your (e/c) ones with surprise, “you startled me.”

You laughed lightly, “I can tell!” Although you were being a tad boisterous, you were still quiet in the library. “Come on, let’s go home. You’ve been studying here for hours.”

But by some miracle, Gilbert Beilschmidt had gotten into the same college as you two. You guessed opposites attract, because those two had a peculiar relationship. Somehow they got along, and you couldn’t understand why. “Home? Kesesesese, I didn’t know you two vere official.”

Both you and Matthew blushed bright red and your arm tensed over his shoulders. Matthew, stuttering horribly, tried to explain, “G-Gi-Gil, it-it’s not-not like that! We-We’re r-r-roommates!”

“You’re a bad liar, Mattie.” Gilbert said, a wide grin painted across his face. “You can’t tell me you don’t like her.”

You didn’t think it possible for Matthew to blush any brighter, but he did. Did... Did he like you back? You had fallen for him long ago, but due to the both of you being shy, had kept your mouth shut. Near a whisper you said, “M-Mattie?” He turned to you, a “deer in the headlights” look painted on his face. You smiled a small smile, attempting to comfort him, “Let’s just go home, alright?”

He nodded vigorously, standing up harshly and dragging you along with him. For a moment you hung off of him, then shot away, a fresh blush brought to your faces. Gilbert just chuckled with that peculiar laugh, and the two of you headed home. It was Friday, and that could only mean one thing: breakfast for dinner. You and Matthew sat in your tiny living room before the television and together ate enough maple syrup with your pancakes to feed an army.

“You need to have it purified by someone with evaporating skills or it will fester and putrefy.” the Cheshire cat said on the television as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland played softly.

You finished your meal and collected Matthew’s plate as well. After rinsing them off you left them in the dish washer for later and went back to the couch. You listened to the movie for a little bit, but your mind kept straying back to your conversation in the library. You blushed brightly as an idea popped into your head. It was weird, but it might work. “Mattie?” you asked.

“Yes?” he said, turning to you. You had turned the lights off to watch the movie, so he couldn’t quite make out your blush. The small couch had you two placed rather close to each other already.

You looked away from him for a moment, but could still feel those soft violet eyes boring into you. “I’ve been investigating things that begin with the letter ‘k’.”

He looked at you, confused as hell. You went on, “Kittens... kindred... kindle... kind...” Matthew still looked extremely bewildered, yet once more you continued, “...kiss me.” Looking up at him, you just waited.

And even in the dark, you could see the blush on his face. You thought he wouldn’t do anything. Your mind raced.

What if I got it wrong?

What if he doesn’t like me at all?

What if-

Your thoughts were caught off by a pair of lips on your own. Your (e/c) eyes widened, but you quickly melted into the kiss. It was sweet and chaste, full of passion and longing, eternal, and yet also instantaneous. Mind at a blank, he pulled away from you, and you could only sit there in shock. Some part of your subconscious decided to get comfortable, and snuggled into him.

You felt him lightly kiss the top of your head, and you were snapped out of your reverie. It had finally happened! He had kissed you! He whispered, “I’ve also been considering things. Things that begin with the letter ‘l’. Lovely... little...” he poked at your stature in comparison to his own, “lively... lawless...” he poked even more at your rather exuberant personality, which you only ever revealed to him.

Looking up into his eyes you pointed to him, “Lilac.”

He chuckled a little, “Laugh.”

You smiled, “Like.”

Matthew shook his head pressing his lips down on yours again. Pulling back again he left your mind fuzzy. He brought his arms around you and hugged you close to him. “Love.” he whispered in your ear.

That sure snapped you back into focus. And it empowered you. Starting to kiss down his neck, you whispered lightly in his own ear with a grin on your lips, “Likewise.” And that seemed to put a touch of boldness in his own actions as well. You were pushed down underneath him on the couch. He licked across your bottom lip, asking politely for entrance, and your mind acted on its own. You smiled lightly in the deep kiss, your thoughts becoming fuzzy. He tastes like maple syrup. you thought to yourself, twining your fingers in his hair. Mattie broke the kiss and left you heaving. You let out a quick, “Lightheaded.” and watched him grin.

There was something you didn’t know. You hand was caught up in that curl, and he got a strange look in his purple eyes. Going down and kissing along your neck he made you writhe under his touch. Nibbling on your ear he whispered something that sent a shudder down your spine, “Lust.
Request for :iconnixyclizzy:. I had a stuffed seal named Sealy when I was little. It got a drop of water on the fabric and matted, so I put a bandaid on it. I was seriously such a cute innocent little kid... What the hell happened? Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this one. An intriguing story. Sorry if you don't like Alice in Wonderland, NixyClizzy, but after my third time watching it today this was all I could come up with. If you don't like it I can try again...


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland belongs to Walt Disney Pictures, I think.

You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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