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When you were little, you loved magic more than anything. Every single aspect of it was fascinating, and you would have been completely satisfied to see any magical creature at all.

Then, one fateful day, you met Arthur Kirkland.

And you fell in love.

Sure, it was a little kid crush, and you also had a few shameful ones on cartoon characters, but he was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to you.

It was in late July, and uncharacteristically chilly for such a time of year, making it seem a bit more like fall than summer. You were outside hunting for magical creatures, a little disposable camera and binoculars in your knapsack.

You walked into a field, stalking the creatures and looking for fairies. Then you saw him. A little boy sat in the center of the field, crying. Of course, you didn’t notice he was crying, as he was surrounded by magical creatures!

So, walking slowly and with purpose, you made your way over to the boy, bright (e/c)eyes locked on the unicorn. You couldn’t believe it! It was an actual unicorn! It was so gorgeous and majestic...

“E-Excuse me!?” you called, waving once the boy looked up. He quickly wiped the tears from his eyes in an attempt to not look weak, and stood up to greet you. As you saw him acknowledge you, you beamed, showing him a not quite complete yet still adorable toothy smile. “Hi!” you said exuberantly.

He frowned at you. Just another one that couldn’t see... “Hullo...” he muttered.

You were slightly taken aback by his sullen attitude, but still had no time for that. “Can...Can I pet your unicorn?” you asked in utter seriousness.

“You can see her?” he asked in disbelief.

You weren’t listening, because a fairy had flown up near your nose and you were giggling uncontrollably. “This is amazing!” you said, scaring the fairy and near breaking your little child’s heart as it flew back around the boy’s head. But then you saw the most adorable thing you ever had, and ever will in your lifetime. A little baby unicorn stuck its head out from behind it’s mother’s tall gangly legs, observing you from afar. You stared, whispering, “They’re beautiful...”

“You can pet her if you want.” the boy’s voice broke you out of your trance, as he knelt down near the small horse-like creature and beckoned for you to come down next to him.

In silence you sank down beside him, taking a sugar cube from his outstretched hand, not taking your (e/c) eyes off the beast. Slowly the animal came towards you, and you waited with baited breath as she took the sugar from your hand. Her lips tickled your palm, and you giggled slightly.

Arthur was amazed at you. Not only could you see his magical friends, but you were so nice and calm around them! Not to mention your laugh was adorable, and your overall “adventuring” appearance was a sight for sore eyes. Which could be taken in a few directions, considering you made Arthur forget about his dispute with his brother completely, the reason he was out crying in the field in the first place.

When you finally tore your eyes off his friends, you were looking straight at him. “I bet you’re a wizard! Or a knight! You have a nice voice and don’t seem... normal!” you said, with a happy grin, being a bit peculiar yourself.

“And what’s wrong with that?” he asked, defensive.

You shook your head, “Nothing, silly! It’s amazing!”

“Oh.” he said, almost wanting to apologize, but you were preoccupied with other things once again.

Flying Mint Bunny, so aptly named for his color, species, and wings, flew towards you then, and you took him out of the air delicately. “What’re you, little guy? I’ve never read anything about flying rabbits... not to mention green ones...”

Arthur was about to explain when the rabbit cut him off, “I’m Flying Mint Bunny! What’s your name?”

“_____.” you told the rabbit in your arms, who wormed his way out and sat comfortably on your head.

Then Arthur burst out laughing, and you joined him, wondering what about your (h/c) hair made such a good rabbit nest.

Then a dwarf approached, sounding stern, “My word, boy, where are you manners? Shouldn’t you have introduced yourself to the little lady?” You giggled as he nodded curtly to you and hobbled off.

Arthur, blushing a bit, said, “Oh, yes, terribly sorry, miss. My name is Arthur.”

“Well, Arthur, I don’t mind a bit. Manners can be boring. And don’t call me miss; my name is _____.” you said back, still taking in all the creatures around you. “And if you won’t be my friend, I’ll probably cry. Because you seem perfect.” you told him, utterly sincere with brutal childhood honesty.

His deep green eyes widened as he looked back into your (e/c) eyes, which remained trained on him, unwavering. No one had ever called him perfect before. “Well, I’d be happy to be your friend, so don’t go on about all this crying nonsense.” he said.


The next week was the best in your entire life. Arthur showed you all of his magical friends, and you couldn’t have been happier. The both of you had gotten really close, and bonded over your mutual “sight”. Tonight was a full moon, and he promised to show you how the fairies danced.

You sat with him, barefoot and in light clothing, and leaned your head on his shoulder as he held your hand. It didn’t feel unnatural and “icky” like it might have with other boys your age; it was just an extension of the mutual feelings neither of you could manage to put into words.

Other than your first words of praise and beauty at the start of the dance, it had become deathly silent.

Arthur was the first to speak, the moon and stars themselves seeming to dance with the fairies before you in the mushroom circle, and his voice broke through the silent night.

“_____,” he said slowly, “I’m leaving.”

You felt the summer night get much chillier and goosebumps sprouted up over your bare flesh. “W-What?” you asked, knowing not a single answer he could give you would be a good one.

“I have to go back to England.” Arthur said, holding your hand in his tighter.

Looking up from the fairies dancing in the moonlight, you stared at him with tears in your (e/c) eyes. He looked back at you, trying to hold back his own tears as well.

Everything you ever could have articulated was written plainly on your sorrowful face, and Arthur felt like a fool to let you go. “If I ever can, I’ll come back to you.” he told you. Completely choked up, you just took his hand towards you and pulled him in for a tight hug.

You burrowed your face into his neck, sobbing lightly. However muffled and tearful, you still muttered, “When... When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning.” he said, holding you tight, glad you didn’t push him away for lying.

But you shot back, horror in your eyes. It was too soon! The creatures came with him, surely they would leave too and you would be left all alone. Your heart sank, and you felt empty. “I’ll miss you.” you said quietly, more tears overflowing.

“And I you. I really care about you, _____.” he said, a little dusting of red covering his cheeks as he moved in and kissed your cheek. Then he took out an old pocket watch, gasping at the time, “I’m so sorry, I’ve got to get back home before they realize I’m out.”

You nodded, remaining in awe, a hand still on your cheek.

Arthur shot you one last longing glance, and hurried off. When you regained your composure you yelled at his retreating form, “I’ll wait for you, Arthur! Even if it takes forever!”

He turned back, looking like he might return to you, but then Arthur Kirkland slipped off into the trees, disappearing from the light and your life.


It was him.

It was ten years, give or take, later, you were in high school, you had completely lost hope, but that was him.

Arthur Kirkland had come back.

You couldn’t miss him in the crowded hallways of your school, all the girls whispering about him as he walked past, making the masses part with a certain, important air. He seemed to be looking for something, and your heart stopped.

When it had been five years without a word, you started to lose hope. By now you were becoming immersed in the world of reality, and to avoid depression you had to make yourself believe he was a dream. A beautiful, magical dream.

But there he was. In all his shining glory. And, man, had the years been kind. Arthur never ceased to be your first and only serious crush.

You thought he would walk right past you. It had been years, you probably looked a lot different and he might not even remember you in the first place. Then he caught you staring. Blushing brightly, you tried to look down, but couldn’t tear yourself away from those green eyes you had missed so much.

He smiled lightly and strode toward you with purpose. Your heart, that a minute ago seemed to have stopped dead in your chest, now seemed desperate to escape from its cage, beating a mile a minute.

Arthur seemed to catch himself a few feet away from you and he stopped, smiling sheepishly. “Remember me, _____?” he asked quietly.

You nodded wildly, flinging your arms around his neck, knocking him a step backwards and catching him completely off guard. “How could I ever forget?” you whispered, relishing the feeling as he wrapped his arms back around you.

The rest of the people in the hallway, while happy for you, or simply jealous, just turned away, and mostly emptied out as they left for the bus.

He broke away from you, but captured your hand in his. Then, out of nowhere, Flying Mint Bunny showed up, and reclaimed his nest. You giggled, happy tears escaping from your eyes.

Arthur smiled warmly, wiping your tears away gently, then asked with a blush back on his cheeks, looking adorable, “So... um, love... You said you’d wait... You don’t have a boyfriend or anything, do you?”

“Somehow, none of the other boys could compare to my knight in shining armor.” you said with a grin.

A wider smile, lighting up his face entirely, appeared and he told you, “Good.” With that he put an arm around your waist, holding you to him, and kissed you like he really wished and meant to all those years ago.

You melted, mind going blank, and acted only on instinct. When you both broke away, grinning like the madmen you were, you recaptured each others hands, and made your way out of the school.

The knight in shining armor had returned from his noble quest, won the heart of the beautiful maiden once again, and they both lived happily,



~: Bonus :~

“Arthur!” you hollered.

He ran into the room, stopping suddenly, “Oh my god...”

“What is all this? I thought Flying Mint Bunny was the last of his kind!” you said, gesturing to the hundreds of rabbits flying and nesting around in your shared bedroom.

Arthur looked at the original, offending bunny, and his lady friend on the bed, in utter shock. “I thought so too...”

You just looked down at all the baby colorful spotted bunnies and said, “I guess they say breed like rabbits for a reason.”
Happy Birthday England!!!!

Okay, I had half a reason for the ending, (not the fluffy one, which I justify by the 7 sad fics I've written for him) and that was to give everyone that reads this their own Flying Bunny! Whatever color you choose, because MAGIC!


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz.

You get to live happily ever after with Iggy, lucky duck
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